The Giant in “YOU”

Ever imagine how forest fire start? Just by a small sperk then it spread to be a catastrophic disaster that affects the economy. How Egypt revolution started? By a group of young discontented men who started a social media movement that led to a whole revolution in Egypt and other northern African countries.

All these incidents and many more demonstrates how the power of willingness in baby steps creates revolutions and we can derive several lessons from such through the book of Samuel in the Bible as below:

Size alone does nothing to our sense of value

We can be the biggest yet no change in value or even drop in value e.g. in David and Goliath story in the bible; Goliath was huge but hollow on the inside while David was small on the outside but a giant on the inside.

Key take out:

  • We can choose how to be a value adding giant or not to be a giant at all.

True Giants take that step (Initiative)

Goliath kept coming out issuing the same threats & curses for fourty days, “whoever thinks he’s man enough, come out & cross the line”. As soon as David was ready he walked across to meet his adversary. He set the pace, he did not draw a line.

Key take outs:

  • Don’t wait for others to take up the challenge before you can move.
  • We must know our strengths and sources of our strength
  • We can’t call ourselves Giants if we are not Giants in self belief in what we are able to do.

True Giants have a clear sense of purpose

Goliath for 40 days had no sense of purpose for sure; why was he in that war in the first place? No urgency in Goliath. David heard of Goliath once & knew what needed to be done; honor for his nation & God was at stake. David committed himself to battle with a clear purpose in mind.

Key take outs:

  • We might have strengths, gifts, education, money but if we lack a sense of purpose, we will remain dwarfs.
  • Purpose gives focus, then produces urgency & directs our energies to our goals.

True Giants don’t use their positions to intimidate & demoralize others

How do you treat your enemies? How do you treat your friends?

Goliath used his size, weapons & foul language to beat down his opponents so they fail to fight back altogether. He pushed away his friends every morning to the front to issue a challenge. Israelite’s were already afraid but David overlooked this & spoke positively to them & assuring them that all will be well even as his brothers treated him badly.

Key take outs:

  • Do you kick people who are already down?
  • Do you fight fair & win fair?
  • Do you focus on issues relevant to the fight?
  • If we win and get to the top unfairly then we are not Giants.
  • We may be rich, get new high level jobs, new pay package but if our personal values hasn’t change then we are still not Giants.

True Giants trust in a Bigger Giant

 Goliath did his best to threaten David & put him down but it failed because David strength came from elsewhere.

“David answered – you come to me with a sword & spear & battle ax, I come to you in the name of God of the Angels – Armies, the God of Israel’s troop whom you curse & mock” (1 Samuel 17: 45-46).

King Nebuchadnezzar is another example of Great men who were admirable & their sources dried up one day since they did not pay attention to the power beyond them.

Key take outs:

  • Success doesn’t mean we burn the script/bridge that brought you that far; dwarfs feel its their strength that have brought them that far.
  • The living God is the Rock we all have to chose to lean on. He raises us up so we can stand the mountains & to more than we can be.

This article is an episode 1 of Giant in YOU series of B2M2G (from a Boy to a Man to a Giant) an inspirational, educational, spiritual empowerment & mentorship piece. Hope the series will bless you and give you tips of being a Giant in your own space and putting God as the bigger Giant to believe in.

Writer: Gilbert Ang’ana –


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