Are you about to quit? 

Are you about to give up on a career or a mate?

Do you give up too easily in our lives?

Does your morale sizzle out after a few days of not seeing any results in our life?

Are you persistent and unwavering in our actions and confident or is our life plagued with doubts, worry and fear?

If the above are questions somehow featuring in your mind at times then you better read through below.

The power of perseverance, even in the face of adversity, is the true mark of successful leaders and true conquers. Indeed, those who achieve great things are those who do not know when to quit. Quitting is not for successful people, they always find other ways to reach goals always look for alternate routes to the same destiny.

The Parable of the Persistent Widow in Luke 18:1-8 teaches the necessity of patient, persistent, and persevering prayer. The Parable is linked with the final crisis of the last days. The parable is preceded by Jesus’ exhortation on the Christian duty to pray, dedication in prayer, and resisting the temptation to discontinue prayer. The parable encourages Christians to persevere in their faith against all odds. But it also has two applications in our Daily work life:

Sound Leadership:

Every person and every leader faces challenges over time. The judge’s job is to do justice, and by God, he will do justice by the time the widow is finished with him. In John 19:11, the Bible teaches that the civil authorities serve by God’s authorization, whether they acknowledge it or not. The juxtaposition of a corrupt judge with a just God implies that God’s will is at work even in a corrupt world. As leaders our job is to work toward that hope at all times and ensure the teams, people and areas we lead are happy and feel the fairness of our leadership. We must never give up hope, and never stop working for the greater good

Never Quit: The Indifference of Others Cannot Cause Us to Quit.

Being persistent is the one thing which separates the winners from the losers. When an individual makes up his or her mind to accomplish a particular feat and set their focus in that direction, refusing to be deterred, he or she usually gets what they went after.

Many in the work place, surrounding will discourage you by their indifference. Their level or maturity and zeal becomes the standard by which we judge ourselves.We must not give up in our work regardless of the injustices around us. We live in a society where people don’t care, there is no religious morality and a number of people have no human compassion and social conscience. However, we must always realize that God can bring miraculous justice in a corrupt world. In the parable of the persistent widow, God does not intervene. The widow’s persistence alone leads the judge to act justly. But Jesus indicates that God is the unseen actor.


God cares about people.

This world is not fair, Life is not fair – We live in a fallen world that is wicked, there is no justice in this world, Jesus was tried and crucified unjustly, we can expect more of the same injustice, our lives are to be a testament to God’s love and mercy, we will go through difficulties and hardships, this world will be against us.

This parable helps us see our God clearer through the contrast of one who is not like Him. But what is the lesson? God will respond to our prayers without hesitation. If this woman can get this evil judge to listen, then surely our persistence will be effective in getting our loving Father to hear our requests. Our confidence in prayer lies in the character of God, not the persuasiveness of our words.

Know what you want, and make up your mind that by God’s grace, you will have what you want, and pursue it relentlessly, until you get it.

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