When did you first feel like an adult?

The question seems silly, I never really had “felt” like an “adult”.

So let’s talk about how aware each of us is……………………

Self-awareness is a topic a lot of people get wrong, mainly because they overestimate it or equate it to pouring your feelings everywhere you go.

Self-Awareness is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self-Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.

In 1 Cor. 3:3 the bibles says, “For you are still only baby Christians, controlled by your own desires, not God’s”.

God intends for us to live a well-rounded life in Christ Jesus, but there are times when that life is attacked from the outside. Then we tend to fall back into self-examination, a habit that we thought was gone. Self-awareness is the first thing that will upset the completeness of our life in God, and self-awareness continually produces a sense of struggling and turmoil in our lives.

Self-awareness is not sin, and it can be produced by nervous emotions or by suddenly being dropped into a totally new set of circumstances. Yet it is never God’s will that we should be anything less than absolutely complete in Him. Anything that disturbs our rest in Him must be rectified at once, and it is not rectified by being ignored but only by coming to Jesus Christ. If we will come to Him, asking Him to produce Christ-awareness in us, He will always do it, until we fully learn to abide in Him.

In Matt 23:25, “What miserable frauds you are, you scribes and Pharisees! You clean the outside of the cup and the dish, while the inside if full of greed and self-indulgence”.

We should never allow anything that divides or destroys the oneness of our life with Christ to remain in our lives without facing it. We should be aware of allowing the influence of our friends or our circumstances to divide our life. This only serves to sap our strength and slow our spiritual growth.

Take note of anything that can split your oneness with Him, causing you to see yourself as separate from Him. Nothing is as important as staying right spiritually. And the only solution is a very simple one— “Come to me….” Matthew 11:28. The intellectual, moral, and spiritual depth of our reality as a person is tested and measured by these words. Yet in every detail of our lives where we are found not to be real, we would rather dispute the findings than come to Jesus.

Self-Awareness Isn’t a Magic Bullet

Self-awareness is a vital first step in taking control of your life, creating what you want, and mastering your future. Where you choose to focus your energy, emotions, personality, and reactions determines where you will end up in life. One cannot truly know God without knowing oneself and that one cannot truly know oneself without knowing God.

It’s easy to fall for the idea that if you know yourself well enough you’ll be able to fix all your problems, however, our minds are feeble and ripe with biases that color our decisions. Knowing yourself completely is difficult, but just because we suck at it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

How can we start the Journey of self-awareness?

  • Have your own manifesto-Goals: The main purpose of self-awareness is self-improvement, so it makes sense that you need to have goals.
  • Look at yourself objectively: It’s nearly impossible to actually look at yourself objectively, the main idea here is to study and criticize your decisions.
  • Perform a self-reflections: The self-review is one of those annoying little things we all do at work, but you can make them beneficial if you think of them more as a thought experiment

Self-awareness is actually a key component of discipleship. The gospels describe Jesus as exceptionally self-aware. He knew his role. He knew his purpose. He knew when it was time to keep his identity secret and when it was time to share it.

The more self-aware you are, the better you appreciate the wonder of a God who created you as the unique person you are. You come to understand and appreciate that God cherishes you despite your flaws, and even brings good out of your flaws and pains, as well as out of your strength.

So, Self-awareness is what God has given you. Like all the other God-provided, good things, we can over use it, which simply turns it into self-centeredness which involves the exclusion of God, and is sin. But if you don’t do that, rejoice instead in the wonder of who you are, the person God has designed you to be, the person you are on the way to becoming!

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