Loving God

‘Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” (Mark 12:29–30)

God wants us to love Him with our whole being.

How can, we imperfect people love a perfect God? It’s very hard to understand yet Jesus said this is the greatest commandment in the Law. It’s humanly impossible, yet to disobey any commandment of God is sin. Therefore, even without considering the sins we commit daily, we are all condemned by our inability to fulfill this one commandment.

It’s very easy for us to claim and say “I love God” and it’s become like a cliché for all Christians who want to justify their Christianity regardless of what they do that is not aligned to bible teachings. Jesus tells us that without the cleansing of our sins through Him, and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit who lives in the hearts of the redeemed, loving God to any degree is impossible.

In my case, my love and affection for God grew more intense as time goes by. After 30 years of just being a casual Christian, I started developing deeper connection and God’s love when I was newly saved. I have witnessed God’s faithfulness during my times of struggle and trial and that helped me to develop and grow my deep love for God. I have witnessed His compassion, mercy, grace, and love for me beyond what I could even understand over the last 4 years and He has also shown me his hungry side by keeping away the Holy Spirit when I continuously was sinning.

Good news is, as Christians, we all have been cleansed from sin through the death of Christ and we do have the Spirit. So how do we begin to love God the way we should with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength?

To Love God with all my Heart means making Him my greatest treasure, valuing my relationship with Him, more than anything else in my life.

We can turn our hearts to the Lord Jesus by:

Praying to Him,

Calling on His name Jesus Christ as our savior,

Confessing to Him our sins

Spending time in His Word – Bible.

Through this then our fellowship with the Lord can be restored and our heartily love for Him rekindled.

How far is your heart from here?

My Soul is who I am, it’s the part of me that lives forever. It is a large part of my heart. Loving God with all my soul means loving Him with all that I am.

We then start living a life of faithfulness to all that the Lord has required of us. We start to be conscious of loving God through the way we live, the choices we make and in the behavior and lifestyle we adopt;

Making Godly Choices

Pursuing Obedience in His word

Pursuing life of humility in speech and attitude

This is loving God with all your soul. It is God’s intention that each human soul come to dwell in a place of deep contentment, a place where we know that in spite of whatever circumstances may come our way of life is irredeemably safe in God’s hands.

How far are you from this Place?

To Love God with my Mind is to love with a reason and my intellect. My mind is the leading part of my soul, directing the rest of me. Loving God with all my mind includes the studies and thoughts that will grow my faith and bless my relationship with Him.

It’s key to understand that God is not telling us to not use our intellect but that our intellect needs transformation, it needs change and cleaning to think well and see things the way they were intended to. For us to set our mind on the spirit we have to:

Read the Bible daily with an open heart.

Discipleship – following and imitating God

God did not give us the mind to keep it empty, he gave us to fill it, with things properly understood and with truth and see Him in our daily lives and see His reflection in us.

Is your mind a reflection of God?

My Strength refers to literally my physical strength. When I turn my heart to the Lord, express Him in my soul, and set my mind on Him, my body will follow. My strength is love in action. It’s loving God by what you and I do and say. It is honoring Him with our abilities, our resources, and our actions.

To love God with our strength means loving him exceedingly out of simple devotion. Its means loving him over 100% and give it all our best. This means we will fall but, we will pick ourselves up and keep going. How do we do that?

Through serving the Lord diligently with what our hands – those in need, worshiping etc.

Through our eyes which are the gateway to our heart – fix them on Jesus

Through our ears – listening to be transformed

Through loving him with our feet – Going and making disciples

Through our mouths – the words we speak to bring glory to the Lord

I’m humbled by how far I fall short of the above. I pray that His love, His grace and mercy will draw us to love Him with our “all”. We can practice telling the Lord we love Him every single day. We can also pray and as we pray back to our Lord His own desire for us to love Him absolutely, He will have the way to work Himself into us so that we love Him with our whole being.

For detailed analysis of above watch out for my new book to be published this year: From Boy to a Man to a Giant.

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