Am excited about the imminent launch of my first book “Break Out” coming soon where i share personal experiences on practices and values that will help you grow in the Kingdom. Hope you will find it helpful in your journey too when it lands in your hands.

Today and moving forward i will be sharing excerpts of a new book am writing that will be launches next year June in God’s will titled ” 37 in Style and Blessed where i will be sharing 37 personal stories about my life from childhood to date and the lessons learned along the way.

I want to start today with a short story, i was born black which was unusual at-least from what my mother alluded later in one conversation with me. All my four siblings apparently were born somehow lighter but only me. Black has been used in many scenarios to symbolize both good and bad things. Many ladies at one point in their lives admire “tall, BLACK & handsome” Men, however sometime people say that “uko na roho nyeusi” to symbolize that you dont have a pure heart but heart of hatred. But i chose to pick out the positives for my life.

So i never knew the level of my Blackness until that time and i started noticing it on myself😂. For some time at that age it used to really haunt me, and made me feel like i was an outcast. But as i grew age by age i also started noticing my unique character that God was revealing to me. An influencer from a young age, a scout leader both in my primary school and community, my passion in taking leadership in various activities, church drama, debate club in my primary level, a prefect and so many leadership role at a young age.

Then i started relating my Blackness to God given passion and purpose and i knew the reason for my blackness is that God has uniquely made me for his Glory and He wants to use my uniqueness to advance his will through me.

I have had my shortcomings as a young child, growing up with the inner urge of knowing God and being led by Him but failing and falling a few times but every time i fail i reminded myself that i was born unique “BLACK” in my family and that i was uniquely and wonderfully made for Him and He will always take my hand when i stretch it to Him for Help and i can testify that in all those many times in my life that I have stretched my hands to Him he has come through and He has also allowed me to learn a few bad choices i have made intentionally.

I have seen his mercy in giving me second chances and enabling my discovery of His purpose for my life and I am living it now.

Today i can confidently tell you that i am BLACK, I love being BLACK and I am BLESSED.

Today, I also want to tell each of you that, you were also born different, and that difference you notice in your life is your unique blessings that God intended to specifically assign you, but you have to positively appreciate yourself and walk in His will for you to take charge of the future He has for you. He has promised us Hope and a Future and He wont forsake us.

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