Humbling Past

My father was an excessive disciplinarian almost bordering to dictatorship, He could in most cases just creates a negative outburst even in the middle of a party or a very good environment. So the best is to always avoid him, especially in long discussions. Brief discussions were better just before moods changed to negative. He used to love fun and in most occasion resulted in him being broke before he could take care of all his obligations.

He was a man of his words especially on the punishment side. We are five in our family at least my parents really understood the concept of multiplying and filled the earth, brought up humbly, at least in most cases we could find some good food. But we have also had stints where we almost miss food to eat and stints where my mother had to overly find ways to only get the “Unga” flour and then we somehow find some of the vegetables planted at the backyard as our accompaniment and in those dry stints without tomato but just with salt and cooking oil.

We have had stints where we could not have jelly to apply to our legs and face and we end up using small portion of “Kimbo” the then famous cooking oil. Don’t get me wrong though those were stints not always, at least my parents tried as much for those times to remain minimal.

Being a family of five, and noting the story above, the food even on good days was not enough. A plate of ugali would swiftly be done within 5 mins with three boys and two girls who would in most cases complain a lot that they were not full, but since there was limited resources they would be told to be alert next time with food on the table. One full break with five of us and the parents would not be enough and we end up getting just a sandwich slice each for the morning. As we grew older we would do a few errands for the neighbors over the weekend so as you can get some little cash to buy “Mahamri” in those mornings where you want to eat well as a person.

I once in a while at that younger age in my primary life could close myself in the room and cried out to God and why He could just give us plenty all the time, and also ask him to make me grow up fast so that I could start working and support the family have plenty all the time. Little did I know that that’s how God had intended our deep relationship to start and progress. That’s how He had been preparing me for the life ahead till today. If I had plenty then I would not have gone through the learnings He allowed I go through so as I can testify today of the far and the goodness He has brought to me, my own family now and the extended family with my siblings.

If there was no those stints He allowed possibly I would have those conversations I had with Him over the young period that helped me start my connection with Him and those were the times He started giving me those promises of a plan for me, to prosper and giving me a future that He has given me today.

So whatever the humbling or lively past you had, that was a way God intended it to be so as you can find time for Him and so that today if you stay within His pathway you would have a bigger future as per His will. Stay focused, stay with Him and He will guide you to your future.

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