Rivalry & Bond

A grew up in a nice neighborhood i would say ” National Housing Corporation Estate (NHC)” our main alighting stage was known as Dolphin in Mombasa. This was a very huge estate covering close to over 100 acres of land that should tell you we had many streets within the bigger estate. It was exciting to be in NHC and we had so much fun growing up with so many friends.

Key highlights of our estate was there was fierce rivalry within the various streets and we used to have inter streets football competition to try and dissolve the rivalry only to realize we were aggravating it much more since there would be a winner and a loser and this created more cracks and fights after every football match that could sometimes result into serious issues later including being a police case or parent to parent case.

But this fights could still not make us not continue to have the football rematches both home ground and away grounds and same process of fights after game will continue with home team having an advantage of chasing the away team especially if they lost. As we grew older into higher primary we started growing past street rivalry and started establishing more connection and bond together forming estate team that would now rival with other surrounding estates in foot ball matches.

As we grew much older the Street rivalry camouflage into inter streets dating. Our street definitely had most of the hot chicks and many other streets guys would visit our streets evenings, trying to see if they can seduce our girls. Believe you me that then it was just for fan to ring fence your girls and not for anything but just a feel good, and even our parents knew how we have somehow allocated ourselves girls & boy friends but it was basically deep friendship that developed jealousy when you see other guys coming for your girls. But this later as we moved into high-school we realized the girls within our streets were more like sisters to us and true friendship developed as we grew older and we allowed other guys from other streets to create relationships with them as we also find solace in their girls.

This enabled as to really formed a deeper estate relationship and to-date when we meet we all like brothers and sisters and where we can support one another. Its great to see a number of us doing well in life, a few have made bad mistakes that have caused them we have a few who have passed on, RIP Gedion, Reagan and others i know God called you guys. For the rest, based on how i know and the past we have had are soldering on and making impacts in their various sectors. I know now there is a bigger forum known as “Magnolia” championed by one Teddy Brown. All these guys were dreaming big during our growing times and i know many who have really grown to see their dreams come true.

The lessons i picked that really has shaped me today is rivalry is key to establishing growth. And growth is a process, if you keep at it and work towards self development and the various phases of life without giving up, but learning from the loses and fights, you will always establish a stronger personal foundation that will take you to greater heights.

Put God amidst all those stages and you will surprised and how He will establish you.

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