No Limit

In my initial stories, i told you about my blackness and how i chose to accept it positively as my uniquely Gods favor. I was a bright chap, or so i believed, still am. From the very young age in my nursery i used to do pretty well and those times the interviews to go to class one was serious and you have to pass to get a slot or else miss. So i did.

In my early primary life i was very playful which was possibly good at that time, and was involved in a number of activities and its during that period that i realized i was talented in football, aside from estate competitions as shared in earlier stories, we used to have one and half hours of PE in lower primary then which was marked by football competition in class for boys and girls had their own play four point game.

When it came to exams at that time i was somehow in the top 10 students overall in a 3 stream class and top 5 in our class the from 1s to 4s. We had very fierce competition from 2 girls who were surely bright then – Irene & Jackline and my bests friends Enock and the late Reagan. We usually pushed the girls and the girls pushed us too in the first 4 years of primary life. Things didn’t change much in our class for the upper primary to class 8 and the only thing is as we progressed to class 7 and 8 my two best friends were transferred out of our public schools to private schools i believe so that they could improve their performance in class 8 and this somehow propelled me to push my limits abit to number two in our class 7s and 8s behind Irene and on few occasions being number 1. Noting the various extra curriculum activities i was involved in – being the scout commandant and leader in our whole school and also in the community and various football activities outside school i was involved in including being the goal keeper for coast youth football club, i think i was doing well in class.

I did somehow well in my KCPE to warrant me to be called to at least a secondary school, i know i could have done well if it wasn’t for my various extra activities and engagements i was involved with at a young age. So i made a conscious decision to take a break from all of those activities as i was heading to secondary school so that my focus would remain in books.

I also really spent time then asking God to allow me go to University for various reasons- one because my Dad was very clear with us that if you are not called for college then thats the end of him supporting on our education past high school and having seen that action in practice from my first born brother, i did not wish for sure to fall anywhere such, and second, i just wanted to get away from home after high school just for my mental stability – lots of things were happening at home and just wanted to stay far away and just work hard to be who God intends me to be.

True to my word that really worked magic for me, i thought i was just slightly above average student in my primary life and only to realize i was undermining my potential and i really took time over my four years period in high school to stretch my mental limits.

I became number one across all my three streams in high school from form one to form four for the 4 years consecutive except for the final KCSE where my worthy competitor who was also my desk mate – Amani tumbled me to take the spot after i messed up in one subject. I however do not regret any of that and i took a positive step and to our surprise we went to same university same course and we finished strong and well.

I look back in those two phases of my life, first in my primary amidst all activities i had, i still had some limitations in my mind on breaking the ceiling even though i knew i could and in few occasions had done, and my high school phase where i shut down that above average mentality and put on an armor of greatness and removing limitations in my academic life to beat all the guys who had come with way good KCPE grades that myself.

Today being the 12th of October 2019 after watching our very own Eliud Kipchoge making history to run 42 Km marathon in under 2 minutes just reminded me of the fact that God has given us the mind of Christ and we have no limits but only what we put in our minds. We are our greatest enemy. Having looked at my journey from primary and the limitations i had put in my mind then to breaking the mental limitations in high school where no one has ever been leading for four years especially after coming from an above average limitation was amazing and a testimony of the same.

Being here today both from my corporate leadership position and the things God has personally allowed me to accomplish in my space in both corporate world and personal life is a great testimony that we have no limitations as humans since God has not put any limits in what we can achieve.

Regardless of your stumbles, your mistakes, your pains, God has no limits for you and He doesn’t put any limits for you based on past challenges.

I know my future is still way too great and am heading there and that is what He has in His will for my life.

You have the mind of Christ and you have no limits but what you put for yourself.

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