Kids who make volunteering part of their lives are confident, empathetic, and make great leaders. Volunteering helps them define their own unique sense of the greater good, which in turn shapes their career and life goals. These are general and accepted truths; it’s worth looking more closely at the effects of volunteering on mind, body, and spirit. This is my story after watching and observing my kids on 1st of September 2019.

  • Volunteering helps them to learn – “Service learning” influence not just academic performance but deeper critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to apply what was learned to new situations.
  • Volunteering develops real leadership skills – group volunteering allows children to discover their natural leadership abilities. It lessens the impact that age differences, gender assumptions and social hierarchies have on their ability to find their own leadership voice. 
  • Volunteering promotes teamwork and cooperation – Group volunteering builds teamwork by strengthening relationships. When kids participate in community service projects they are aligned under a common goal, leveling distinctions between age, academic performance and social status. This level playing field is also an ideal environment for developing leadership.

Students in Mavoko Primary school in Athi River, Kenya were in for a pleasant surprise when they found their school facilities all cleaned up by Spread the Love Campaign volunteers who embarked on a renovation activation at the school on Sunday 1st September, 2019. Some of the major needs of the schools include classrooms with potholed floors, damaged notice boards and missing doors and windows. Inadequate furniture, has seen some students stand or sit on the classroom floors and use stones and planks as desks during lessons.

The campaign coordinated by Mavuno Church Hill City shut down their Sunday service and mobilized congregants to give back to the community during Church service time. The Spread the Love campaign targets to raise 1 million hours annually of community service through volunteers and increased its investments in refurbishment of Public Primary Schools to Sh20 million from last year’s Sh16 million.

This for me was an eye opening volunteering activity I had with my whole family and the kids were very engaging and very happy. I am looking forward to many more such activities with them in the future.  

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