One Fearless Experience

Last year October Was the climax of the many mistakes i have had in my life and i almost lost my family in the process.

But just like Saul on his was to Damascus:

Acts 9 tells the story: As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” … Paul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing.
This was my story, where I heard God spoke to me on Why? Why i was persecuting Him. From that day onwards i turned 100%.
That was the beginning of my new experience, my new me on a journey of 100% obedience to His will. Fearless institute came knocking, through my Pastor and Friend Pastor Njoro to whom i shared my story before and He supported and led me to a renew my life once in Christ. At first i looked at the course outline and i thought i cant make the cut, it was too packed with reading, writing and practical missions that i couldn’t see the time i had for myself to do all that. But that night when i was on my quiet time with the Lord, He spoke to me in a way that i cant even share. He asked me to trust in Him and the process, the path He is preparing for Me and His plan to give me hope and a future in Him. That was my beginning to fearless institute – Leadership Bootcamp.

Its been a wonderful experience so far, have met new friends to whom we are focusing on same same goal of making disciples for christ, i have read through the bible for the first time in my life – end to end, have now read over 30 books in the course of the program, a number have never done in a year for my lifetime so far, have grown professionally as a Leadership Coach, and with foundations in Christ, am serving in a number of spaces in Mavuno, Ndoa Lead, Mizizi Coach, Strategy team for Mavuno Kitengela Church plant and am looking forward to partner with Mavuno in 2020 for a revolutionary teens & youth mastermind program – “Falling Forward”.

How can i forget – am now an Author of the book ” Break Out” and another upcoming book soon on the way and many more still. And of course the life changing international mission – in Uganda Kampala.

This is transformational and my life is not the same anymore – my thoughts, my sight, my focus and Kingdom driven and I am the salt, and the light of this world, seasoning and shining the light of God.

With all these activities, i still have time, time to coach a few teens over the weekend, coach a few of my friends and referrals.

Where did I get all these time? Yet i thought i did not have?

I tell You its by the Grace of our Lord. If you live by the spirit you have no limitation and God will direct your path but if you live by the flesh then all these limitations are all over your face.

Thats what Fearless Institute has taught me, and my growth in Christ has growth deeper and deeper.

If you want to experience this and much more in your own unique way, as a way of also discovering your identity & purpose in this world, het in touch with Mavuno Churches and ask to be enrolled in fearless institute.

I now have my identity intact and very clear of my purpose in this Kingdom. That can be you.


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