Yesterday 28/02/2020, I had a privilege of being invited as part of the Coaching Team in a revolutionary program dubbed “Leading Young Fellowship” a program aimed at developing young Parliamentarians and members of County Assemblies in our country on leadership principals and leading with purpose so as they can be the change that this country needs in present and future leadership. This program is a partnership between Ford foundation, ICC church, Kenya young parliamentarians association (KYPA) and Kenya young MCAs association (KYMCAA).

Senators Hon. Johnson Sakaja who is also the current chairman of the KYPA shared something which got my head rolling and therefore the reason why I thought of putting it down in this article and sharing with you today.

PERSPECTIVE – What is perspective? What is its impact on Leaders especially young Leaders?

I went to dig deep into understanding what perspective is from a leadership aspect and I got some few explanations as below……….

LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVES are mental grids which are the basis for a leader’s decisions and behaviors. Perspectives provide CONTEXT to frame events so that MEANINGFUL INTERPRETATIONS can emerge to inform decisions or responses. They also shape assumptions and presuppositions that guide our reasoning and conclusions.

Ian Goldin, ex-professor of global development at Oxford University, shared in an article that “Perspective is what enables each of us to TRANSFORM THE SUM OF OUR DAYS into an epic journey. And it’s what IMPROVES OUR CHANCES of together making the twenty-first century humanity’s best.”

He went ahead and shared that what each of us lack, and so urgently need, is “PERSPECTIVE.”

From above and what also Hon Sakaja shared that Perspective helps a leader, review their past, look at their present and shape their future, I came to summarize that perspective gives us a new view, a new understanding and possibly new ideas.

When we become leaders, our perspective needs to change in some perfunctory ways.


For You as a Leader to start shaping your perspective you must understand the following:

  1. That we all have a PerspectiveWe all have a past to learn from, a present where we are and what we are doing, and a future, our dream, our vision for the future. We are all cognizance of the happenings and decisions in our lives & organizations. These perspectives helps us be better, understand ourselves and our surrounding more detailed and can help others understand themselves more too.
  2. We all need to use our Perspective more and more if we don’t learn from our past, then we won’t shape our learnings especially on the downfalls we have had and we will continue with the present downfall in our present circumstances. Using our perspectives helps us share our present through the past learnings. We need to recognize the different viewpoints and apply those to our lives – in an organization setting using your perspective will help you understand what your leadership is seeing, seeing what your team is seeing.
  3. We all need to actively expand our Perspectiveremember perspective especially understand our past and our present shapes our Vision, or Dream. The more perspective we gather, the more fully we see our current situation, and the better decisions we can make for our vision and dream, and the more effective actions we can take.

When we start shaping our perspectives several things happen:

  • We see past complex things more clearly.
  • We rightly see the complexity that we might not have initially noticed into our present.
  • We now have options that we can compare to drive our future Vision & Dream.

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